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HOME - Asian HardwareVoltage Transformer 120V <-> 240V

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Original Brand
120<->240Volt 500W Up and Down Voltage Converter Transformer 変圧器

Model No. : TRNS0500
Price : $99.99
Availability : Usually Ships in 1 Business Day(s)


Type : 220/240 Volt
Convert : 120 -> 240Volt (if you use in America, Down), 240Volt -> 120Volt (if you use in 240Volt Country, UP)
Capacity : 500Watt
Safety : Fuse Protect

Transformer capacity 
100Watt; Small stereo, Camcorder, DVD Player
300Watt;  Notebook Computer, Printer, small TV
500Watt; DeskTop Computer, Audio, Mixer
1000Watt ; Flat TV, Iron, Hair Drayer
2000Watt;  Rice Cooker, Electric Pot,
3000Watt; Share multi electronics equipment.
* Please check your electonics equipment before use. 

Detailed Specifications Diamond Series Voltage Converter   Converts 110/120 Volts up to 220/240 Volts
Also converts 220/240 volts down to 110/120 volts
On/Off switch with indicator lamp
2 outlets for output to plug in your devices:
 1 USA Grounded 110 volts outlet and 1 Universal 220 volts outlet
Insulated power cord is hard wired with a European  plug also good for Asian outlets 
Heavy-Duty Metal Casing and durable design for continues use
Comes with round and flat pin plugs for use in USA, Canada, and Mexico
Fuse protected (Will automatically shut off and fuse will blow if the transformer is not strong enough for your appliance, or if there is unstable voltage supply. This will protect your appliance and will automatically shut off the transformer if anything happens
For Continuous Use
Can be used with power strip/ Surge protector to plug multiple items into 1 converter
Thermal fuse protected
Heavy-Duty transformer/ Converte


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