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 Magic Talkers
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Original Brand
[J]Magic Talkers EJ-D9100 English Conversation with Dictionary

Model No. : EJ-D9000
Price : $199.99
Availability : Usually Ships in 1 Business Day(s)


Maker : MagicTalkers
Product name : MagicTalkers EJ-D9100
LCD Type : Touch Black & White
English Contents : 30 Hours  
Battery : Recharger battery w/AC Adapter
Warranty : 1 Year carry in Limited warranty
 (Sales receipt required, except Water damage, Broken LCD & Pysical damage)

Japanese English Dictionary, English Conversation, for Japanese,



Japanese Dictionary

Japanese Electonics Dictionary
Japanese English Electonics Dictionary
English Japanese Electonics Dictionary
Japanese Japanese Dictionary
Japanese Korean Dictionary, English Korean Dictionary, Korean English Dictionary
English english Dictionary,
Japanese Dictionary, Japanese Korean Dictionary
Korean Japanese Dictionary, English dictionary
Chienese Dictionary, Chinese Japanese Dictionary,
Japanese Chinese Dictionary, Chinese chinese dictionary
Spanish dictionary, spanish Japanese  dictionary, Japanese spanish dictionary
english conversation, USB cable
Dictionary Adapter, Native pronunciation
Poket distionary, Sharp Dictionary, casio dictionary,
Nurian Ditionary, UDEA Dictionary, iriver Dictionary,
Atree Dictionary, Multimiedia Dictionary,
Oxford Dictionary, Black and White Dictionary
Color Dictionay
Electronics Dictionary battery  recharge battery
Electronics Dictionary case,   recharge battery

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